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Date 2020-02-07

Goal and Mission

  As one of the most famous research and educational institute of China Studies in Taiwan, our missions include the following:
1.To integrate the efforts of faculty and resources of relevant departments and graduate institutes at NCCU in order to produce strong multidisciplinary academic achievements in China Studies.
2.To promote and participate in academic exchange programs abroad and to connect with the academic community worldwide.
3.To transcend the limits of regional studies and challenge prevailing paradigms in Social Science.
4.With China Studies as our basis, to acquire understanding in the relevant disciplines of Social Science.
5.To provide both theoretical and practical training in China affairs.
Course Plan

  The curriculum is centered on theoretical approaches and empirical studies, covering both mainstreams theories and professional training. EA Studies has cooperated with TASS (Taiwan Association for Strategic Simulation) for new courses in practice and training since 2013, additionally, there will be more courses supported by prominent professions in the near future.

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