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Journal Papers
Journal Papers吳玉山, 1990.09, 'Reforming the Revolution: Industrial Policy in China, '.
Journal Papers丁樹範, 1990.07, '西元二○○○年的戰爭:大陸學者的觀點, '.DING, SHUH-FAN
Journal Papers吳玉山, 1990.01, 'The Linkage between Economic and Political Reform in the Socialist Countries: a Supply-Side Explanation, '.
Journal Papers丁樹範, 1989.08, '演變中的中共戰略核子武力, '.DING, SHUH-FAN
Journal Papers丁樹範, 1989.07, '東協國家的外交努力與限制, '.DING, SHUH-FAN
Journal Papers吳玉山, 1989.06, 'Review of ''Communism and Reform in East Asia'', '.
Journal Papers吳玉山, 1989.04, 'Marketization of Politics: the Taiwan Experience, '.
Journal Papers吳玉山, 1989, 'Working Like Zombies, '.
Journal Papers丁樹範, 1989, '展望布希政府的對台政策, '.DING, SHUH-FAN
Journal Papers丁樹範, 1989, 'PLA in the Year 2000: Nuclear Force and Space Program, '.DING, SHUH-FAN
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