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Journal Papers
Book Chapters邱坤玄, '「中共高層外交」, ' 中共年報, 中共研究雜誌社.CHIU, KUN-SHUAN
Research Report邱坤玄, '務實外交與兩岸關係之研究─重返聯合國與兩岸關係, ' 國科會.CHIU, KUN-SHUAN
Research Report丁樹範, '6. The US-Taiwan Military Relationship: A Case Study of the Decision-Making Process of the IDF Jet Fighter in the US, ' NSC.DING, SHUH-FAN
Research Report丁樹範, 'Confidence Building Measure in the Taiwan Strait, ' MND.DING, SHUH-FAN
Research Report丁樹範, 'China''s Nuclear Force in the 21st Century, ' National Science Council (NSC).DING, SHUH-FAN
Research Report丁樹範, 'Confidence Building Measures in the Taiwan Strait, ' the Ministry of National Defense.DING, SHUH-FAN
Research Report丁樹範, 'Chinese Military''s Informational Warfare, ' the Ministry of National Defense (MND).DING, SHUH-FAN
Research Report丁樹範, 'China''s Defense Industry in the Context of Globalization, ' National Science Council (NSC).DING, SHUH-FAN
Conference Papers丁樹範, '中共人大監督工作的爭論, ' 第12屆中韓學術研討會.DING, SHUH-FAN
Conference Papers丁樹範, '九十年代兩岸戰爭與和平的評估, ' 台海兩岸政經發展經驗學術研討會.DING, SHUH-FAN
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