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The quarterly journal of Mainland China Studies (中國大陸研究)
Volume 62 (December 2019)
Chinese United Front Work and Sharp Power

Edited by:
Gerry Groot (University of Adelaide), Chien-wen Kou (National Chengchi University), and Ray Wang (National Chengchi University)
With the expansion of its economic and military powers, China’s rise has become one of the most talked about security issues in many countries’ diplomatic circles. Terms like ‘united front work’ (tongzhàn) and ‘sharp power’ are being increasingly and more widely used. However, little academic study has been undertaken so far on this area especially in terms of related policy and policy-making institutions. To remedy this and encourage good quality scholarship in this field, academics from Taiwan and Australia have put together a series of workshops (on the afternoon of 19th October and the morning of 2nd November) to assist researchers in getting their ideas published. The December issue of Mainland China Studies (indexed by TSSCI) will be devoted to this venture and we welcome researchers to join our workshops and submit their research proposals on the following ten topics related to united front work and sharp power (broadly defined); drafts that past an initial screening process will receive a moderate author’s remuneration.

1. Methods and methodology behind processing qualitative or quantitative data on China’s foreign influence operations;
2. The definitions, debates, and theoretical frameworks on united front work and sharp power;
3. Understanding bilateral relationships between China and ‘one-belt-one-road’ countries through the concepts of united front work or sharp power;
4. How China utilizes and expands its influence through sponsorship, investment, business mergers and acquisitions, tourism, cultural and academic exchanges and other civil activities;
5. The history, cases, development, or institutions of CCP’s ‘Grand Foreign Propaganda’ (da wai xuan);
6. Issues related to Overseas Chinese Offices, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Offices, Hanban, Confucius Institutes and other offices dealing with overseas affairs;
7. Studies on CCP’s Central United Front Work Department, provincial and local
united front work activities, and their social and overseas organs;
8. Studies on the nine UFW ‘targets’: Chinese democrats, religious and ethnic minorities, Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan residents, bureaucrats, businessmen, intellectuals, Tibetans, Uyghurs, and the ‘New Social Stratum’;
9. History, policy, regulations, institutions of religious and ethnic relations; domestically, transnationally, or comparatively (broadly defined);
10. Studies on think tanks, social media, publications, or subjects related to agenda setting, public opinion management, or the ‘struggle for the power of discourse’ (huayu quan zheng duo).

Submission of Workshop:
Please send proposals or abstract (500 words maximum) and a brief bio to Jasper Lio at jasper10@nccu.edu.tw. We will announce the results as soon as possible.

- Proposal submissions: October 9, 2018
- Completed manuscripts (5,000- 8,000 words): November 20, 2018

Outstanding manuscript reviewed by the workshop will be paid for 8,000 TWD.

About Mainland China Studies
Mainland China Studies (MCS) is published quarterly by the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University, Taipei. Having started as one of the few available source of academic research on contemporary China in the 1960s, MCS is dedicated to publishing cutting-edge China studies on issues related to politics/security, society, economy, as well as other closely related topics. As a scholarly journal, MCS has been well reputed in Chinese and global academic community and indexed in Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI). Also, MCS is awarded one of the most renowned journal in Political Science by National Central Library of Taiwan.

Chief Editor: Dr. Chien-wen Kou
Executive Editor: Dr. Ray Wang
Website: http://mcs.nccu.edu.tw/
Phone: 886 + 2 8237-7256 Email:iirmcs@nccu.edu.tw

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