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Master curriculum

The curriculum is centered on theoretical approaches and empirical studies, covering both mainstreams theories and professional training. EA Studies has cooperated with TASS (Taiwan Association for Strategic Simulation) for new courses in practice and training since 2013, additionally, there will be more courses supported by prominent professions in the future.

A.The course structure of MA program is as follows:

B.Course Load Requirements
˙ Master’s program must be completed within 1-4 years.
˙ Students are required to complete a minimum of 33 credit hours of graduate course and may not enroll in more than 6 courses per semester.
˙ Students could take at most 9 credits outside of our Institute.
C.About the Thesis
˙ Thesis is basically written in Chinese.
˙ Students should submit a thesis proposal to be approved by three committee members (at least) as the qualification evaluation.
˙ An interval of four months is required between approval of thesis proposal and the official degree examination.
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  • 中國大陸研究跨領域學程
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